House Price Prediction

Based on machine learning algorithm, such as XGBoost, Lightbgm, LR and RF, with several hundreds features and millions level data, I can make good prediction on house price

Default Risk Prediction

Many people struggle to get loans due to insufficient or non-existent credit histories, by analyzing some of their behavior, I can predict the default risk of those people.

Complex Quantum System

with non-equilibrium Green's function method, make a good prediction to molecule scattering probability in complex physics system.

House Price Prediction


“Keywords: XGBoost, zillow, LR"

  • crawling house data from zillow
  • cleaning the initial dataset
  • feature engineering
  • cross-validation and ensemble the basic model

Default Risk Prediction


“Keywords: repayment probability, behavior analysis, credit appraisal"

  • predict the default risk of each loan
  • millions of data and over 600+ features
  • based on machine learning model

Complex quantum system


“Keywords: molecule transport, DFTB+, scattering probability"

  • Build a complex physics system with DFTB+
  • solve the functionals with non-equilibrium Green's function
  • molecule simulation and predict the scattering probability

Xin Chen

Yuxuan Sui

Yadong Zhang

Chenye Zou